About Products

Are products brand new?

Yes, they are unless it’s mentioned otherwise.
Please be reminded that they may be checked or cleaned in advance of selling.
If it is a used item, it will be mentioned in the specifics of the item.

Are all products made in Japan?

We mostly sell Japanese products but materials and manufactured countries may be outside of Japan.

Are there any instruction cards of products besides Japanese?

The products sold in Shop Nippon is targeted to Japanese consumers so the instructions will only be in Japanese.
You will have to figure out the usage or anything regarding the product on your own.
We will very much appreciate it if you could share the usage and your thoughts about the product on product reviews.

About Orders

What’s the process from order to arrival?

(1) Your order will be received. (E-mail with the title “Your Shop Nippon order receipt…” will arrive to you automatically after the order.)
(2) Shop Nippon will ship the product within 3 days. (E-mail with the title “Your Shop Nippon order from … is complete” will arrive to you automatically)
(3)Product arrives to you. (It will take approximately 2 weeks to 1 month for products to arrive with international shipping.)

Is it necessary to write names and address in English when ordering?

No, you don’t. You can write it with whatever language you like.

How can I pay?

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What is the payment currency?

At Shop Nippon, the initial setting is US$, but you can freely change the currency on the web site.
When processing payment, the currency will automatically change to the currency of your resident country by either credit card company or payment agency.
There’s no need to go through special procedure or exchange to foreign currency.
The total amount and shipping fee doesn’t differ. (However, the rate of the currency may affect the price)
The currency rate on this website will be updated every day by Yahoo! Finance.

How long does it take from payment to shipment?

We ship all products twice a week. Usually, it takes about three days to ship.
However, when the order includes custom made or back-ordered products, it is not the case.

How long does it take for the product to arrive?

It depends on the country, but usually it takes about 2 to 4 weeks.
For back-order products, it may take longer.

Is it possible to confirm the shipping condition?


How much is the shipping fee?

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Does the shipping fee change by product?

No. For particularly big or heavy products, extra shipping fee is included in the product price.

What is the method of shipment?

For most cases, it is by air, but it may differ by the place of residence and the product.

Can I make a reservation of products?


I can’t find the product I want on the website.

Please contact us so that we can check and if it’s available, we can start selling them.

Could I request restock of the sold out product?

Most wanted products from customers is our priority of restocking.
Please add the product to your wish list so that we can perceive which product is more popular.

How can I buy the product more than the quantity available on the website at present?

Please contact us with the information of product and the quantity you want.

Can I get it gift wrapped?

No, we don’t provide gift wrapping service, but you can purchase wrapping material on this website.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, we enclose it with your product.

Can I get a discount?


Is it possible to order by phone or e-mail?


The order confirmation e-mail doesn’t arrive.

Please contact us with your order number if the mail from Shop Nippon is neither in your e-mail folder or spam mail folder.

The product is stuck at the customs.

Shop Nippon corresponds to multi-language and will ship abroad for everyone to enjoy shopping.
However, it will be your responsibility to grasp the law in your country.
Please check if it’s legal to import the product you order.
We will not refund even if the product is taken at the custom of your country.
Please be extra careful when ordering model gun, replica of sword, scissors, or products including liquid or battery.

The products I ordered don’t arrive.

If the products don’t arrive after a month from order shipping report mail from Shop Nippon, please contact us with your order number.

The product received was damaged.

We check the condition of the product beforehand, but damages such as scratches or cracks occur rarely during shipment.
If you by any chance confirm such damage, please contact us within a week with the order number and product code.
When it’s a used product or time-related deterioration is seen before sales, it will be mentioned on the product page.

I’ve received product I didn’t order.

Please contact us with your order number.

The package of the product differ from the picture on the website.

The wrapping is often edited slightly. For example, expiration date and copy may be added or the design and illustrations are changed by seasons. Therefore, please be reminded that we cannot guarantee you to deliver with the same package design. In addition, please check the product name carefully before purchasing since there may be pictures of similar products or usage example on the page.

Can I cancel my order?

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Can I get a refund?

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About the Website

How can I change the currency on the website?

How can I change the language on website?

Why is some information in English even though I select different language?

Product name, details, news, and receipts are only in English.

What’s the format of date on the website?

It is Year / Month / Date.

What is advantage of being a member of Shop Nippon?

Below is available after you register online.
-Saving data on wish list. (You can access to your wish list from any PC or mobile phones)
-Saving shipping address online. (You can avoid entering it again)
-Saving purchase history.
-Joining sale only for members.

What is product code?

Product code is a number that Shop Nippon puts on products to classify them.
By keeping the number, it is possible to classify the products with the same name.
For regular shopping, you don’t have to be concerned about it.

What is product category?

It is a major classification of the product.

What is product tag?

It is a minor classification of the product.

What is “Wishlist”?

It is where you can list products you may want in the future.
If you use this function after login, you can see and edit the same list from any devices.

What is “Compare Products”?

You can line up the product on sale at the same time so that you can compare one another easily.

What is user name?

It’s your account’s name. When you post reviews or comment on the website, this user name is shown.
You can decide the username and it doesn’t have to be your real name.

Can user name be changed?

From security aspects, you can’t change your user name once it’s set.


How can I access to information like sale?

Basically, we provide information through news and SNS.

When is the shop open?

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