Shipping Cost Price Down!

こんにちは (Hello) Everyone!
These days, we were revising about the Shipping Costs, and decided to make the shipping costs down.

North America 15US$ → 12US$
South America 18US$ → 15US$
Europe 15US$ → 12US$
Asia 12US$ → 9US$
Africa 18US$ → 15US$
Other Continents 15US$ → 12US$

However, Please pardon us that We can not assure these rates of shipping costs yet.
We may roll back to the previous shipping cost rates without preannouncement if the new shipping cost rates don’t work well.
As the shipping costs have been changed here now, We are also sending a Coupon code (1 time free shipping) by e-mail, to the customers who have already done the shopping on Shop Nippon 🙂

The new shipping cost rates are applicable from today!
Thank you very much! 良い一日を! (Have a nice day!)



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